"On Click" transition start?

is there any way that I could trigger the start of a transition with a button on the remote control?
I need to trigger the FADE OUT of a looping music track (Audio Layer) when I click a button, in a way that is completely independent from the triggering of a layer set or something else.
up until now when I needed this I always did it manually by sliding the volume control on the remote control surface but it’s not so smooth.

I don’t have mimo under my nose at the moment so maybe this feature is already available? but if I remember correctly there’s no button for this…

Yep. Change it from Live to Off and add the effect Dissolve/Fade so it will do exactly what you want. At least that’s how I use it.

Don’t have Mimolive in front of me as well, so please forgive me if I do not use the right wording.

OK I can’t believe I posted this. haha I must be tired. :joy:
I actually did it in the same way you suggested many times, but for some reason today I was trying to find a way that wasn’t really needed… and I think it never crossed my mind that I already did that way for other needs. my mind must be elsewhere…