Novation Launchpad mini

It is possible to use novation launchpad mini or equivalent product to assign mimolive short cuts ?


@“Anupam Saikia”
The Novation Launchpad mini uses MIDI to communicate with the host app which is currently not supported in mimoLive.

The best way to control mimoLive is to use the built in remote control surfaces on a tablet like the iPad. Since the buttons on the remote control surface are graphically and context sensitive, they give much more information about what happens when you press them than the buttons on a MIDI controller.

More information about the remote control surfaces:

@Oliver (Boinx)

Thanks for the information. I had tested mimolive remote control, over lan using separate Mac. It is really nice. I didn’t able to check using my iPad, as I have a old one. But same time we are looking for some hardware key control as we are more familiar to it.

How about X-Keys USB Programmable Keyboard.

@“Anupam Saikia” Anything that pretends to be a USB keyboard with programmable keys (Like the x-keys) can be used to trigger the keyboard shortcuts.

@“Oliver (Boinx)”

Thanks for the update. Also we want to build a multicam system (3 SDI/DMI Camera for Mimolive with Mac Mini . I planning to go for 3 units , any one from the followings products .

  1. Magewell USB SDI capture
  2. Epiphan

Please suggest. Also give me some best option for multi inputs (sdi/hdmi) external device for MAC.