Nothing happens after installation

Just installed Photo Magico on my iMac with IS Sierra version 10.12.2 but it does not work when I open it. Nothing happens at all.

Thanks for purchasing FotoMagico! I am sorry that it doesn’t start on your machine. Here are some questions regarding your problem that may help to find the cause of it:

  • Where did you buy/download the app from?
  • When you start the app will it jump in the application bar at the bottom of your screen but then stop jumping and don’t show up?
  • Is there any error message by the macOS?

Bought it on line from your website.
No error messages etc. I just deleted the file in the folder and downloaded Photo Magico again. Now it starts and seems to work.

But now the following happened: I clicked on “Demo Slideshow”. It loaded the slideshow but it will play the slideshow, not in preview nor in fullscreen.
Can you help?


You downloaded the Demo Slideshow. Did it open in FotoMagico and you can see the slides of it? Can you select slides and the play head jumps to that slide? What happens if you click on the left “Play” button in the middle of the document window? Any error message?

Is ok now, problem is gone. I closed the program, did restart by computer, opened FM again and everything seems to work now.

Thanks for your reaction.