no video / black picture with Blackmagic Design Intensity - found fix

Hi everyone, I saw there was an issue with some of the Blackmagic gear, particularity the new Thunderbolt boxes like the Intensity Extreme where there’s no signal / shows up as a black frame (no picture). I’ve been bit with this so bad I was pretty much ready to give up, sell the gear & find something else to do with my freetime. I’ve reinstalled the machine. several times. Tried another Mac. Uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers so many times I lost track weeks ago. Sometimes it would work fine. I’d show up to the monthly meeting to record & nothing. No video from that box! I rolled the mac all the way back to 10.6.8 & tried driver swaps again.

FINALLY found the issue: the video was cutting in & out, flickering. So I started checking cables. the HDMI connection to the box was intermittent, so I switch the cable & rebooted. It’s been rock solid since last week. Using the cable with my HDMI cable & there hasn’t been any issues… so I guess the connection on the box is really touchy with the connectors.