No streaming support at all

The pipeline from app to streaming server with BoinxTV is really poor, actually zero.

Lets compare pipelines of WireCast and BoinxTV. WireCast supports a wide range of streaming servers. Even more, it can stream into multiple servers at time!

BoinxTV have zero support for streaming. The only way without additional hardware to get your broadcast into streaming servers, is to capture the screen with 3rd party app. For example if you want to stream video into LiveStream server your workflow will be:

BoinxTV -> CamTwist -> Procaster
BoinxTV -> Desktop Presenter -> WireCast

So, i I have to buy WireCast to stream video from BoinxTV into server, it renders BoinxTV useless, if no need for some very specific feature.

I’m sure, if BoinxTV does not change the current pipeline, he loses the market at all.

Any plans to add this missing feature?

Yes, we do! Thanks for your feature request!

My experience is that you can go directly from BoinxTV through Procaster. Make sure you start procaster first, as it crashes BoinxTV if started afterwards.

Start up procaster without a camera (I configure it to share out a portion of a second monitor) – then have boinxtv have its output go to that window.