No possibility to move layer and it's mask together?

Working with FM6 creating slide show and I can’t find a way to move layer and it’s mask together in the canvas? Is this really so by design or am I missing something?

Your not missing anything – whether it is by design or not, the image layer and the mask layer are independent and not locked together. And there’s no current method that I know of that addresses that problem. Now that you’ve posted your observation here, it’s likely the guys at Boinx will see it and consider it as something that could be added in a future update.

There IS a workaround, but it’s time consuming and clunky. After you have already determined the mask size and location and placed it on the stage, now choose the image layer and do an Edit Geometry (Cmd-E). Take note of the X and Y values (remember that measurements are taken from the CENTER of the stage – at center the X and Y values are 0, minus if the image is moved left or down, plus if the image is moved right or up). Move the image layer to where you want it and determine its new location, and then take note of the DIFFERENCE measurement (the offset) from where it was originally to where you want it to be. Now go to the mask layer, again do an Edit Geometry, and then apply those same offsets (add or subtract) to the X and Y locations. Like I said, time consuming and clunky, but it works. The better way, of course, would be to have the function built in.

Ok, thanks for this info and bummer that they are not linked. Hopefully this is something that makes it to the future versions as it’s pretty basic need imho.