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We have downloaded mimoLive and are having trouble getting video input/output. We are using a Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle for video I/O. We have the cameras connected to the composite input, but they are not showing up in the program as Camera 1 or 2. We have the inputs running through a Panasonic AG-MX70 video mixer for switching purposes, and I don’t know if this may be causing the problem. Are there any settings that need to be modified when inputting with composite, or settings related to input resolution/HD?

Thank you

1.- Did you assign the composite source into the Blackmagic Video Desktop?
2.- If you open the Blackmagic media express, do you see the camera?
3.- Did you create your Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle source into Mimolive?

I opened Media Express and it recognized that the Intensity Shuttle was connected, but I got no video source input. I tried disconnecting the camera from the Panasonic mixer and plugging it in directly, but no success either…

Any suggestions?

Did you assign the composite source into the Blackmagic Video Desktop?

I assigned the source into Blackmagic Video Desktop.

Now we are getting input and output in MimoLive as well, but the chroma key layer (or any other layers for that matter) are not outputting from MimoLive out through the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. We only get straight output from the cameras, no layers on top…

@microslide1 I’m sorry that you are having all these issues.

I’m not sure that you can use the Shuttle for ingest and playout at the same time. I think it only provides one channel and you may be seeing the playthrough of the input signal and not the output signal from mimoLive.

Can you please check if the Shuttle appears in the Playout settings at the top right hand edge of the mimoLive Window in the “Device” popup?

If it works, it will show up there and you can select it and then turn on the BMD playout.

The shuttle repeat only the input signal to the output.

The shuttle repeat only the input signal to the output.

How do I output the program from MimoLive without using the shuttle?

With an output from your video card

@microslide1 What Mac model are you using?

We’re using a Mac Mini. I’m not sure of the exact model or year, I need to check those.

@microslide1 what are you trying to output to? If you are just outputting to a screen, that should be attached to your MacMini the same way you would attach any other screen. Then in the top right of the ML window, you click the down-arrow next to the “Start/Stop Full Screen Playout” button, and you will see the screen as a selectable option in the pop-out window.

We are outputting to equipment that broadcasts video and audio throughout our building. The inputs must be in the form of RCA audio and video (composite). I was hoping we would be able to output from the composite outputs on the Intensity Shuttle.

@microslide1 You could use a Thunderbolt HDMI Video adapter to set up the Mac mini with a secondary monitor. Then, hook up an HDMI to composite converter to give you the analog video signal. Audio can just be played out through the Mac mini audio output.

@Oliver (Boinx) @chrisis Thank you for your help. I will try the configurations and see what happens.