No multiview options

I’m using the multiview feature a lot lately, and love the flexibility. The multiview column has a lot of options regarding layout. To change the layout, the documentation refers to the action gear in the upper right corner of the multiview window. However, this can only be found in the column multiview, not in the full-screen variant. See attached screenshots.

Layout options for column multiview

No layout options visible for full-screen multiview

I’d love to have the same flexibility for the full-screen multiview that I have with the column multiview. If this is not a feature yet, please consider implementing it. I’m really like to display more than 4 sources on the full-screen multiview.

Hello there, @Hindrik,

The action gear is displayed in the latest beta (5.10b2), and I guess it’s been available since 5.8. Which version are you using?

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Hi @profgustavoreis, thanks for the response. I’m using MimoLive 5.9. I also find it quite strange that this option is not visible to me, as it would be strange to only implement it for the column multiview. I do see the action gears of all the placeholders and the program out, so I am able to select my inputs on the screen. I just can’t figure out how to change the layout.

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Then I guess this is a mission for @Oliver_Boinx :facepunch::boom:

I just checked if I have the same issue on my MacBook Pro and found out it’s working just fine. I checked the version and discovered my MacBook Pro is running 5.9.1. After updating MimoLive on my Mac Mini from 5.9 to 5.9.1, the action gear showed up! Problem solved! Thanks for helping out :wink:

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