No Live View on 5DmkII?

Hi, I am trying out a website downloaded version of iStopMotion 3.2.2 with my Canon 5DmkII. The first thing that shows up on the screen is that there is no live preview available for this camera. I’m just wondering… My 5DmkII worked with live preview when I briefly tried the iStopMotion 3Beta… (I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to give a feedback… I really wanted to). Why doesn’t my 5DmkII work now, after the Beta phase is done, was that function removed? Maybe I’m doing something wrong now… Just a note, I’m sure that this doesn’t have to do with anything but, the downloaded app. shows-up in my Finder as “iStopMotion”, when it has launched it is showing itself to be 3.2.2. Any info would be great! Thanks

  1. I guess the “2” for your app name, is because you have two iStopMotions in your download folder. Finder is appending the “2” automatically.

  2. We are still in the beta with iStopMotion 3.5b2. Please download it from here and give it a try! Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Hi Achim,
thanks for your quick response. I just downloaded the Beta and gave it a spin. It is working without a hitch using my 5DmkII (Firmware-Vers. 2.1.2). I did a test without a CF card in the camera.

One small problem is that the exposure displayed in the iStopMotion Preview is darker than the captured image. I Shifting the Overlay slider to camera to set the exposer, and then shifted it back again after capturing. There is about a 2 f/stop difference between the two. The captured image seems to be the same as the one being displayed on the 5DmkII itself. Using the iStopMotion preview for exposing seems to result in over exposure.

It is also important that the 5DmkII be set to “Exp.SIM” in Live View, otherwise the expose difference between the preview and capture can be even more extreme.

Also in the “Time Lapse” area, there is the “Capture every:” unite “Frames” … I couldn’t figure out what that might be good for, or how it works …. with a value less than 50, I get an error message “Can’t start time-lapse recording with an interval shorter than 3,58 seconds for the selected device.”. Setting the value to 50 results in an endless time-lapse with an interval of 4.0 seconds. I didn’t actually test the “Hours” unit but judging from the countdown it is working as would be expected.

Also a tip for people who normally use their 5DmkII for filming, they need to switch the 5DmkII out of Live View for Movie in order to get camera exposures of slower than 1/30 of a second while having the Live View activated.

The iStopMotion 3.5b2 looks really good, thanks for giving me the chance to test it more thoroughly. When do you expect to have the fully functional Live View feature for the 5DmkII integrated? … also you should really note that it isn’t just yet on your website, I recommended iStopMotion to a colleague (after trying the beta for the first time) for a project and was unhappily surprised that he couldn’t use my 5D as expected.



(MacBook Pro, Retina, 15-inch, Early 2013, Prozessor 2,8 GHz Intel Core i7, Speicher 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Grafikkarte NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB, Software OS X 10.8.5 (12F45))

Thank you for your valuable feedback!

  1. Canon 5D Mark II working: great to hear that it works!
  2. exposure differences between live view and captured image: We don’t modify the live view images currently, but displaying them as they are. Maybe we can integrate some exposure compensation here.
  3. Yes, it is very important to setup the exposure simulation option in the camera for the live preview. Thanks for the hint!
  4. Time lapse interval unit “Frames”: The base for this calculation is the frame rate of your movie project. It is much easier to calculate the speed up of the time lapse if the capture interval is based on the frame rate of the movie.
  5. Release date: We currently don’t a fixed release date. Hopefully by the end of this year.