No Live Preview Canon EOS 550D

I just bought the istopmotion 3.8.1 and I want to use my camera Canon EOS 550D.
On your supported cameras list I found this one as tested.
I have the latest firmware 1.0.9 on my camera but I still get a message “No live preview for selected device”.
Please can you help me?

Try going into the debug menu (click preferences while holding alt) and tick off the second option about whitlisting, this should fix

Hi Mark, sorry to bother but where is the debug menu?

Mert sorry… corrector…

Thanks Mert, just found it and resolved it :wink:

To get live view working:

  • Make sure your camera is supported. Check Supported Cameras for compatibility.
  • Under Settings, Shooting, set Time Before First and other Photos greater than 3 seconds. This gives enough time for live view to display
  • Under Settings, Shooting, Live View, Check the option for Enable Live View.
  • A live video preview appears after you press the touch screen or trigger using the keyboard shortcut.
  • For more details please open Canon 550d Manual