No iphoto library? but I DO have iphoto library!

When I load Fotomagico, the Aperture and Iphoto libraries have a red exclamation point next to them, and when I click on them it says: The aperture (and iphoto) library cannot be used because it is missing. It may have been deleted, moved or renamed.

Uh… NO. My library is intact. any solution, or is Fotomagico unusable?

BTW, itunes library doesn’t load either.

I have a trial licence, installed today.

Is this abandonware?

FotoMagico is reading the iTunes/iPhoto preferences in order to lookup the location for the library databases. In your case FotoMagico can’t find (or access) the libraries. Please can you try to drag and drop the enclosing folder where your libraries are stored into the image browser of FotoMagico, and restart the app? This procedure will grant access to those folder by the system and hopefully FotoMagico will be able to read your libraries then.

That didn’t work. Now under the FOLDERS menu there is the Aperture Library, but it shows a a folder structure (in side are the folders: Aperture.aplibs, Attachments, Auto Import Database. Thumbnails, etc) That doesn’t work for me, as I need to see the actual pictures in the same organisational structure.

Why can’t you just allow drag and drop from aperture?

Also, I dragged the actual folder, but of course there are subfolder inside. I cannot go browsing through 2 thousand folders to find pictures. I need the all in one visible place.

The procedure of dragging in the enclosing folder is just to grant the access to FotoMagico to this folder. Did you restart FotoMagico and check the library again? (ignore the folder structure below)

Yes, restarted, and nothing. the library still has a red exclamation point… I can access the pictures through the folder, but as I said, that defeats the point.

For reference, my photos are stored in a secondary hard drive, and not inside Aperture. Perhaps this is what causes the problem?

Yes, the second hard disk may be a problem. Does it help if you drag the folder containing your original images from this hard disk into the FotoMagico image browser? You also have to grant access to those folders to FotoMagico via the Mac OS otherwise FotoMagico isn’t able to load them. Additional question: What file format is your hard disk?

Well, the trial licence expired, so I guess I’ll search for another option. I did all of the above and nothing.

As I said before, I actually CAN access the pictures via Fotomagico via the folder menu, but that’s no use. And my hard drive is MAC OS Extended Journaled, so that can’t be the issue.

I think you need to consider that many photographers need to keep photos stored in a separate hard drive and outside the basic Aperture library, but still with browse them via a (referenced) aperture library.

But, the program no longer opens, as the trial ended, so there’s nothing further I can do.