No connection through wifi between Mac version and iPhone or IPad app

Hi all

Bought the mac istopmotion but can’t get a connection with the iOS app. I’m on the same wifi network and have done everything I could find on the support pages.

Is this a general issue with the current version of the app? Or is there anything I can try? I haven’t been changing ports etc. on the wifi but wouldn’t think that it should be necessary to make it work?

Please help if you have any good ideas.
Thanks a lot.

Dear John,

I’m sorry about the problems. This is a known problem, which is caused by changes in iOS. We are working on a new, improved version of the camera. If you want to help testing this new version, please fill out the iStopMotion Remote Camera beta test form:

You can download the iStopMotion for Mac 3.8b1 beta at:

Best, Oliver.

I came across the same problem. Neither the beta version nor the test form seem to be available.

I have the same problem. your application doesn’t work with my iPhone and your beta & survey don’t work. Will you give me my money back now or do I report this to the app store.

i have the same problem…

i tried beta version…it worst!

I have the same problem, can we do something?

I’m not sure about the “caused by changes in iOS” conclusion above. I have three iDevices running various versions of iOS, the oldest of which is a fairly ancient iPodTouch running iOS 6.1.6 with iStopCamera 2.2.3 (10606). There’s also an iPad 3 and iPhone 4S both running iOS 8.4.1 with iStopCamera 3.0 (10691). On the Mac side, an iMac and a MacBook both running Yosemite 10.10.5 with iStopMotion 3.7 downloaded from the Mac App Store. All devices are on the same WiFi network running via an Apple Airport Extreme (ie not a third-party WiFi). I’ve also set up Computer-to-Computer WiFi. Regardless of how the WiFi is set up, all three iDevices show up in BonjourBrowser as _bxcam._tcp. while the phone and iPad also show up as _bxpeercam._tcp. It’s fairly clear that the Macs can “see” the iStopCamera instances yet absolutely NOTHING ever shows up in the iStopMotion’s “Source” popup menu other than “None”, the built-in camera, and the screen. I’ve tried varying the launch order (iDevices first then the Mac; or the Mac first then the iDevices). I’ve tried deleting the iStopCamera app from the iPad and re-installing. I’ve tried deleting the iStopMotion app from the laptop and re-downloading from the App store (and, along the way, somehow managed to get myself into the situation where iStopMotion behaves as a “first launch” every single time I launch (want to send diagnostics; then the intro screens; all very tedious). If the problem was confined to the devices running iOS 8 I could probably accept “iOS” as an excuse (even though iOS 8 is a bit on the old side now - I like to be well behind the upgrade curve). But blaming iOS issues as far back as iOS 6 is getting towards the ridiculous and suggests that the problem might actually be iStopMotion on the Mac because it’s the common element. Whatever the explanation, I’d like to add my vote to the comments on this thread asking for a fix sooner rather than later.

Exactly as paraphraseologist reported above; bonjour is working fine, istopmotion just plain isn’t.

The beta version of istopmotion does work, but of course if you bought your copy over the appstore, you can only run that in trial mode. Which watermarks your movies. so it’s indicative of progress, but useless for any production work.

Surely this simple setup (iphone as remote camera) is a fundamental aspect of the software: its why I bought it for sure. Can I have a refund?