No camera preview or recording avalible

I downloaded this app today and was hving some fun doing some test shots i closed the app to move on to doing somthing else and have now comeback to his app and it wojt loas the camrea or let me record. It wont even let me view previous imiages that i have taken. ,this is syncing to the gyroscope as he rainbow screen moves around with the camera. Please help this would be such a cool app but i may have to ask for a refund.

Can you restart Your Gotta See This! completely? It should come back afterwards and your last recording should not be lost, too.

To restart the app, double click the home button to get the list of running apps. Search for SeeThis! then tab and hold on it. It will get a red badge and will be completely shut down, when you tab the badge. Afterwards you can return to your home screen by pressing home button once. Restart You Gotta See This!

If restarting You Gotta See This! doesn’t help, reboot your iPhone. I have the same issue once in a while also in other cameras apps that the cam won’t start. A device reboot always helps.