Nikon L20 issues with iStopmotion Pro 2.8.4

Recently, on my old mac which is running Leopard 10.5.8 and iStopmotion 2.8.4 my L20 works flawlessly. Now, on this newer mac running 10.6.7 (I can upgrade to 10.6.8 if needed) and iStopmotion 2.8.4, the L20 does not allow me to take pictures. It renders for about 10 seconds, then says it timed out. Why does it suddenly not function with Snow Leopard after it worked fine on Leopard?

Usually we don’t blame third parties when our applications don’t work as expected. But in this case Apple broke some functionality in the MacOS Snow Leopard and we aren’t able to work around them. Please update to the latest release of the MacOS because it is most likely that Apple had fixed the problem in Lion.

Can this be confirmed? Does Lion fix the problem with camera compatibility? I am willing to buy Lion as it is only $30, but if it won’t work I have no benefits to upgrading.

I am having the same problem trying to use my Canon EOS 1100D.
I have Lion (MacOsX )
I am still getting the timeout message after trying what feels as everything; My memory card is empty, the camera is set om manual, it’s set on raw etc…
I have no idea what to do.
I really want to get started!

Hi tuwa, please don’t use “raw” format. This can cause the timeout because there is too much data to transmit.

Thank you for the quick answer! :slight_smile:
I am back to normal now but sad to say with the same timeout message…

Christopher I am sorry for taking over your question! Hopefully it’s helpfull.

I was thinking, can it be the cable? I use a USB cable. Are they not usable with iStopMotion? Shuold I change to a Firewire?

It has to be a USB cable for DSLRs, there is no FireWire Cable for that. Make sure you run 10.6.8 (not 10.6.7) and it should just work. Can you trigger the camera in the “Image Capture” app?

Ok.Thank you.
I run 10.6.8.
In the Image Capture app I can download pictures from my camera. But I can never maneuver the camera while it is connected to the computer. So when it is connected to the computer and i try to run iStopMotion the camera is completely dead. Nothing happens if I press the menu button.

That’s normal. In Image Capture the is a “Capture Image” Button, can you please try if that triggers the camera?

If I open “File” and “Take picture” I get the option to take pics manual or automatic. And neither works. I have no “capture Image” button.

That’s the issue then. If this doesn’t work, then it cant work in iStopMotion either. Please check if there might be a firmware update for your camera. We once had that issue with a 5D Mark II that needed a firmware update to work properly here.