nikon d7000

hi there i can see the nikon d7100 is supported can i ask if the d7000 id many thanks david

well iv’e just run the demo and i don’t get any live view, so i guess that answers my question

I think that you are facing issue in running live view on Nikon d7100 then please do according to following steps:
The basics of taking advantage of Live View are pretty simple.
Enabling Live View for photography: Rotate the Live View switch on the back of the camera to the still photography camera icon, and then press the LV button in the center of the switch.You hear a clicking sound as the internal mirror that normally sends the image from the lens to the viewfinder flips up, permitting the Live View preview to start. Then your subject appears on the monitor, and you can no longer see anything in the viewfinder. The Information screen, too, is no longer available; instead, settings appear over the live scene.
Enabling Live View for movie recording: Set the Live View switch to the movie camera icon and press the LV button to fire up Live View movie mode. The image reflects an aspect ratio of 16:9, the movie aspect ratio, as opposed to the normal 3:2 aspect ratio for still photos.To start and stop recording, press the red movie record button on top of the camera.
Exiting Live View mode: Just press the LV button.Be aware of the following warnings when you enable Live View:Cover the viewfinder to prevent light from seeping into the camera and affecting exposure. The camera ships with a cover for this purpose.Live View puts additional strain on the battery. Keep an eye on the battery level to avoid running out of power at a critical moment.
By default, the monitor turns off after ten minutes of inactivity to save battery power. When 30 seconds remain before monitor shutoff, a countdown timer appears in the upper-left corner of the screen. The warning doesn’t appear during playback or when menus are active, however.Using Live View for an extended period can harm your pictures and the camera. In Live View mode, the camera heats up more than usual, and that extra heat can create the right conditions for noise, a defect that gives your pictures a speckled look. More important, the increased temperatures can damage the camera.
Check more features of live view in Nikon d7100 Manual.