Nikon D40 timing out

Like many others, I am having an error where iStopMotion is timing out when taking a picture with my D40. I have successfully used this software in the past with my students, have the camera set to PTP, and have tried it with and without a memory card, to no avail. Downloading the beta didn’t help either. Is this product still supported? I see threads about this issue from many months ago. Will there be a fix in the near future?



The problem is a software framework by Apple which we are asking to capture a frame for us. This framework has changed a lot even so that Apple products temporarily where affected by this issue. The issue was mostly reported by users with MacOS 10.6.8. What MacOS version are you using?

OS 10.6.8

Can you update to 10.7? I am convinced that this will solve the issue.

Hmmm… $30 more dollars for Lion and almost no features that I want (except maybe Launcher). Plus, Mountain Lion comes out in a few months… Just wish it would work! :slight_smile: