Nikon D40 Connection problems :(

Hey, First time post, hoping someone can help me out!

I’ve connected my D40 to istopmotion before with no problems but this time around i keep getting an error message when i try and capture an image.

‘Capturing an image failed because the operation timed out.’ ‘Please check your device and it’s connection to your Mac. If this doesn’t help, try with a different one’

I’ve tried a number of different USB cables and no change.

I’m using a 15" MacBookPro If thats any help. I’m lost for ideas and need to get this rectified as quickly as possible.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

P.S I attached a screen shot with the error message.

As mentioned in the other threads, this is a problem Apple introduced with 10.6.8, we are working hard on a solution. You can already try the beta of that upcoming fix:

Make sure your camera is set to raw or jpg and it has an empty memory card in it…