Newbie Here

Just bought FotoMagico and am anxious to learn all I can. Is there a beginners tutorial that someone could recommend? I have limited and unhappy experience with iPhoto for slideshows, which gave me the incentive to get FotoMagico. Is there a FotoMagico For Dummies book?

Hi Dendad! Welcome to forum. There is a Fotomajico webinar on this site you can check out. Lots of good stuff. Good luck.


Thank you very much Rakings. I’ll check it out. I’m anxious to get started on my first slideshow. I have 23 good quality photos of a friend’s little dog that I’m going to use to make a memorial slideshow. They lost him about a year ago and still miss him very much. It should be something they’ll cherish for many years. So, I want to do a good job. Thanks again.

You’re welcome buddy. I know you’ll love the software. I’ve done a deep sea fishing slideshow with video inserts and my friends loved it. Good luck again!


I really do love it. A little frustrating at times, mainly because I’m new at it, but totally worth it. I’d love to see your fishing video. Is there anywhere you can see other user’s finished products? Thanks again.