New to this - help! (Canon Cameras and OS)


I have decided for my summer project to make a short animation film!

So, I have paid for and downloaded iStopMotion Express 2.8
My cameras are:- Canon Mark III EOS 1D and Canon Powershot G9 and Canon MX3i (camcorder)
My operating system is on an iMac - OS 10.5.8

So, I plugged in my Canon Mark III via USB and nothing
I plugged in my Canon Powershot G9 via USB and nothing
I plugged in my ancient Canon MX3i and that worked (using firewire).

Is there any chance I can get my two Canon cameras to work with this software and my OS? I can’t find any information for compatible cameras with OS 10.5.8.

Do I have to buy the next OS, ie 10.6?

I have had a little play with the Canon MX3i and made a minute film which made me smile so that is a distinct possibility but I have been thinking of upgrading my Canon camcorder so can anyone recommend one for this kind of project?


You get your Canon DSLRs working you need OS X 10.6.5 or better (

Right, well I have used my daughter’s OS 10.6.7 and the beta version and while it recognises the camera, there is no live preview, which is a bit of a bind. I am rather regretting buying this software tbh. I wish I had found the try-it first version rather than splashed out. Hmmm. My haste.

Every manufacturer implements the live feed (that only some cameras offer in the first place) completely different, even from model to model. This is why we cant support live view. For that matter, one first takes a preview shot with the left button and then inserts this frame into the timeline if it is the way it is supposed to be.

Can I return my software or cancel my order?

Yes you can, did you buy it over the Mac Appstore or from Kagi?

Direct download from Kagi using Paypal

We’d be very sad so see you go but you can always get your money back from

Tbh I am sad to see me go too. I love Boinx software and have used Fotomagico alot before so I was thrilled to see you did animation software too. I like the way it is set up and everything but I need to preview on the computer (or even the camera) as I have had a spinal fusion operation and can’t bend to look down at the camera viewfinder every minute. This is my recuperation project.

But that is what the preview frame mode is for. You shoot one frame using the preview button and if everything is fine, ou insert it into the timeline.

I want instant preview on my computer screen so you can move things live, rather than re-focus, etc.

Dragon istopmotion has this facility

Dragn looks horrible, depressing and is way to complicated in my opinion

I agree - eldiabolo, but it is essential for me as I can’t bend to look through the viewfinder. That would cripple me. I love Boinx software. Made lots of hugely successful professional dvd’s (films) using Fotomagico and very happy with everything about iStopmotion except for this one necessity.

No need to look through the camera viewfinder…

So how do you see if the thing is in focus?

Of course you have to set the focus once, but I would not change the focus too often anyway to get a smooth animation…

Ok, I thought I would give it another go. OS X 10.6.8 - check, Canon EOS-1D Mark III - tested and recognised with 2 yeses. All data storage removed - check.

Now it won’t let me take a preview still even. Ack! Capturing an image failed because the operation timed out.

New cable between camera and MacBook. Nothing.


Sorry, that iStopMotion keeps giving you a hard time. in 10.6.8, Apple changed the way, an application can communicate with DSLRs. We fixed this in the beta, that just came out. You can get it over at
Let us know if you have any more questions.

I am using BETA! It did work without the Preview and now it won’t. It recognises the camera (two green Yes) but then nothing…