New source request - image slideshow

I’ve been working on setting up mimoLive and haven’t been able to find a way to do an image slideshow other than to screencapture another application performing a slideshow, which isn’t ideal. I note there is a media playlist source - but this only seems to work with video, not with static images. There’s also an instagram source but I’m not sure uploading all my images to instagram is going to be practical.

Having a slideshow source would be really useful. Some use cases:

  • rotating logos: if a show is sponsored by more than one sponsor, it would be useful to have the sponsors logos on a display rotation in the corner of the screen. Having the option to rotate logos also means using the source in say the lower 3rd image I can rotate through the organisations logos (we have both an image-only and wordmark version of our logo), or for example to have 2.5s of organisation logo and then 2.5s of the person’s face (which is useful when the lower 3rd is presented for a person talking off camera, something which happens often during an eSports broadcast).
  • variable background: having a slideshow as a background/fullscreen during intermissions

This functionality is so critical to my productions that before I can go live I will be creating animated gif version of the slideshows I have used before ML, a process which isn’t really ideal.

That is, unless I’m missing something and the functionality is actually there and I just haven’t figured it out!

I’ve now discovered that .avi files appear to be unsupported in mimoLive? I render my custom animations in After Effects as “Lossless with Alpha” - which saves as an AVI. These appear to be unusable in ML.

Can I get a recommendation for how I can introduce animations with transparency into my mimoLive productions?

Solved: I’m converting the .AVI to .MOV using the Apple ProRes 4444 codec.

But I would much prefer to be using plain old image slideshows!

And now I’ve found the sponsor logo cycle layer…

Just need to figure out how to do a full-screen slideshow now!

@chrisis I’m happy to see you discover all the good things in mimoLive. Thanks for giving it a chance!

You can use the Cyclic Sponsor Logos layer for a full screen slideshow by making the images full screen and setting the proper Geometry parameters.

You should be able to directly export the video from After Effects to QuickTime instead of AVI, but I’m glad you found a workaround. ProRes4444 is what you want.

@Oliver the problem I had with AE was the presets in Windows AE differs from those in OS X AE. Which is odd, they’re they same application. Windows AE does not have a preset for ProRes 4444.

Thanks for the full screen slideshow tip - I’ll give that a try.