QUESTION : where does one find these new features :

  • Speaker notes
  • Contact sheets
  • Shot lists
    Under the Print tab I find something one could call Shot list ?? But how to activate the speaker notes and the contact sheets ??
    Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Best regards

Hi Jake,

Now that you mention it, I realize that it is not very obvious.

If you choose “Print…”, in the FotoMagico 5 section, you will see a popup menu with three choices: “Script”, “Script (Mobile)” and “Contact Sheet”.

The Script ones are both intended for Speaker Notes and Shot Lists.

Here is a screenshot:


Hi Thanks Oiver, the problem was caused by the fact that I had the button " show details" activated, and then one can not see the " Layout " field where one can make the choice between the 3 options…
Best regards

Thanks for pointing this out. I will forward it to engineering to find out how we can fix this issue.