new prospective user basic questions

Do you recommend BoinxTV for a bootstrapped online industry blog–i.e. we are not a professional tv production crew. We write custom industry news and analysis, charts, interviews with CEOs, etc. Our goal is to self-create a morning and evening 5-15 minute news report to stream on our site.


  1. Beside doing live on-the-fly production, can we do post production as required before posting a finished “news report”?
  2. Is it recording all the layers separately at the same time…can layers be edited or added in post production?

Based on these questions you can see we’re not ready for LIVE webcasting of our content yet, so for now we have a need to post produce layers. Thanks!

It looks like a fantastic product.

You can always edit out parts later. You will not be able to add or remove layer effects later. The visual elements are added the second you activate them and are written into the final movie file.

So in general, this sounds like a good fit for your use case. You just need to to “pre-production” prepare all the elements beforehand and then trigger them during recording. While this means some things might now happen the exact second you would have put them in post production. It simply means, there is no post production. So the second you are done is the second you can re-encode and upload. With a 5-15 min show this means you can have the video on the page 5-10 mins after recording.

Thank you, Bastian, that helps us try to figure out if we can use Boinx for what we want to do. How many layers can use for any one production - - is there a free trial period or something so we can even see if we have the personnel/ability to create these kinds of “news” broadcasts each day using BoinxTV?