New MacBookPros no Firewire....or ExpressPort

Having just purchased BoinxTV and renting in a MacBookPro for the current job (because I knew the new MacBookPro was iminent) I find myself in a odd situation going forward. When I do get a shinny new MacBookPro 15"(17" dropped) it wont have a FireWire !! (thats the main camera) but I could connect my Maxtrox MX02 to a thunderport (£170 adaptor thanks Matrox…not), but would prefer to give it an HDMI HD feed, which will swamp Bionx as it doesnt like HD?

So appart from rushing out to buy the remaining current 17" machines with firewire and express port… what does BoinxTV suggest going forward?

Apple announced a very low price Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter so you can use your FW cameras with Thunderbolt.

If you got a current, fast MacBookPro, it should handle an HD feed quite nicely.

Thanks, looks like at some point we will need to daisy chain the thunderports or hub the usb. Just too many things going in and out, with maybe just a few too few ports.
Camera1HD(HDMI>>ThunderportA - Via Maxtrox etc)
USB audio mixer (USB2-? Would need USB hub)