New Mac Pros, Retina MacBook Pros, and Thunderbolt 2

I hope you’ve had a chance to test your new MacPro by now and am hopeful you can answer a question related to the Thunderbolt 2 ports. I know that there are 6 ports on the new MacPro, but my understanding is that there are 3 busses, each sharing 2 ports. Does this mean that the new MacPros max out with 3 camera inputs, one on each port? I know with Firewire, each camera needed its own bus, but I don’t know if that is the case with Thunderbolt 2 technology. Can you please let me know the max number of camera inputs I can expect if I were to use a new MacPro?

I have the same question re: the latest Retina MacBook Pros. There are two Thunderbolt 2 ports. Are they on the same bus? What is the maximum cameras I can stream into the Retina MacBook Pro?


The limit for cameras on a bus only applies to FireWire cameras and only to firewire Buses. You can connect one camera per Thunderbolt Port. That means the MacPro can ingest up to 6 cameras connected to this machine e.g. using Blackmagic Ultra Studio Mini Recorders.

Forgive my technological ignorance. If I’m using a firewire to thunderbolt adapter to connect the firewire cameras, can I also connect 6 cameras?

yes. Each adapter creates its own FireWire bus.