New Mac Pro

I’m curious what the Boinx team think of the new Mac Pro in relation to it’s BoinxTV product. Currently I’ve been using firewire to connect live cameras to a 2008 Mac Pro to cover live events. I’m intrigued by the smaller form factor of the Mac Pro announced yesterday at the WWDC. My understanding is that it has 6 Thunderbolt 2 ports. Can you advise on a suggested workflow with this new machine? Will a simple firewire to thunderbolt adapter send my video streams into BoinxTV successfully? Also, assuming one of the Thunderbolt 2 ports is engaged with a monitor, can I expect that I could input cameras into each of the remaining ports to input 5 cameras into BoinxTV at a time? Thanks for your thoughts on this issue.

Just to clarify in advance: All I can say is speculation as we haven’t seen more of the new MacPro than you but we can extrapolate “facts” from the specs available.

As a thunderbolt to FireWire adapter has its own FireWire bus. These adapters already work fine on current Retina MacBookPros or iMac. So We don’t see why you couldn’t connect 6 FireWire Cameras to the coming MacPro. It has HDMI built in so you can also use all Thunderbolt ports for inputs and connect the screen to HDMI.