New guy - help me understand the output of BoinxTV

Everyone, I’m brand new to this software platform and am trying to figure out how it works. I’m using a demo version currently and I have been able figure out adding a couple of cameras, add lower thirds, etc. I’m using the software on my iMac 27".

I see on the right hand side of the screen the live output. What I would like to do is use this for a conference where people are giving speeches, etc. It does everything I’d want it to do in terms of playing videos, introductions, etc. But I don’t understand the output. Do I have to record this program? If I connect a projector to my iMac 27" and aim it at the wall, won’t I see my normal desktop and the program running? I won’t actually see the live output will I? This is the one thing stopping me from buying the software. I need to ensure I can play it live on a projector for everyone in the conference to see on the projection screens as they won’t all be close enough to see the stage.

Am I off base here? Will this software help me do this?


Hi John,
You can do multiple things at the same time. On the one hand, record the show using the record button, like this you’ll have a recording of everything (camera switches, lower thirds, etc the second the speaker is done. On the other hand you can connect a projector, make sure the screen is not set to mirrorring but to extend your desktop. then in BoinxTV hit the Fullscreen button on the top right (two arrows) and playout the signal to the second screen.

Thanks, I was able to figure that part out. Appreciate the info. I’m posting a completely unrelated comment and could some help on that one too.