New FB Live Tools

Hey guys, I like the new Facebook Live tools… I was VERY confused at first, but then things seemed to go smooth.

I did find a couple issues.

  1. The description box cuts off most of the description, which is a REALLY bad thing. I put in 3 or 4 lines and a link, and it cut off everything after about a line and a half, including the most important part, the link!

  2. When I went live… nobody seemed to get a notification that I was live! Normally, as soon as you go live, everyone is notified on Facebook, and we get 100-200 viewers. Did my first one with the new system… not notifications. 0 people showed up. I even asked a guy that always shows up, and who was definitely online, and he got no notification. Not sure why, but this is a VERY bad thing!