New 2013 MacPro - which graphic board and cpus


I am planning to buy the New MacPro and my problem is to choose the right configuration for my needs that are:

2 x HDMI input to Thunderbolt via BlackMagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder
1 USB input from Epiphan VGA2USB LR
1 audio from analog audio mixer
recording format 720p 25fps
streaming live using Livestream Brodacster connected via Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter ( or some other solution; I have no experience about streaming )

As you know new MacPro 2013 is highly configurable ( not as my budget) and my problem is to
choose the right graphic board and number of cpus.

If you have experience about the MacPro 2013 running BoinxTv any suggestion or feedback is very welcome.



I’d say for your needs, the smallest config should do just fine. We ran this setup form a 2012 MacBookPro Retina 15" without a problem. We are currently waiting for our MacPro that will be shipped “in February”. As soon as it arrives we’ll post our findings on or blog.

OK, thanks.

Any update on this one? I have a super-simple setup - just one capture device (BMDI thunderbolt shuttle) with a bunch of layers on top of that. I’ve been thinking that I need to get one of the latests iMacs (with the Nvidia 780M graphics card) but it looks like I don’t need to go all the way. If a retina MPB will handle what I need to do I’d much rather take that so that I can combine the portability of a laptop with the power required to handle boinx.

I have done a few tests on my Mac Pro 2013 8-core / AMD D700 / 32 Gb / 1Tb and have seen no problems. I still have to test the Syphon / Airbeam / Galileo / iPod/iPhone connectivity and my ADVC55 input though.

Thanks @gjj - I was hoping someone would have used a new iMac by now and would have a field report for us all :slight_smile:

Hey team I am bumping this topic since there are no responses. Really interested to know what sort of performance people are getting from boinx on the new iMacs and Retina MBPS.

Hi all,

along the same line, could you please give a hardware recommendation for the following setup:

  • 2x 1080p inputs from Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorders
  • 1x 1920x1200 input from Epiphan DVI2USB3
  • Filtering of one source (the Epiphan) using Camtwist and the zoom filter (to zoom into 4:3 content, like typical Powerpoint slides)
  • Multiple audio sources via M-Audio Mtrak Eight
  • Simultaneous recording in 1080p (ProRes) AND live streaming in multiple resolutions using e.g. Livestream Producer from the full screen Boinx preview on a second display.

The D700 GPU is probably the right choice? Do you think it can handle the describe scenario without problems?

H264 encoding in 3 different resolutions might already take up 2 or 3 CPU cores. Should I go for an 8-core model? Or less, or more?

Your help is much appreciated! Many thanks!


No one? :frowning: