Network Install of iStopMotion


We have purchased 36 seats and want to install the app via Remote Desktop which is fine for the app but how do you inject the licence info, or is it a manual job?



Unfortunately in the current version of iStopMotion v3.0.1 you have to enter the license on every account separately and manually. But we aware of this issue and in the next update we will support this feature again.

HI! I’m running v2 is this the same?

@steveclifforduk: No, in iStopMotion V2.x you are able to install the licenses in root /Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses/ . We also try to read the licenses from /Network/Library/… Please read -> “Can I install Multi-User Licenses over the Network?”

I have a 25 seat license for iStopMotion and have the latest version #3.0.2 installed but I can’t find out how to enter the multiuser license. Is the issue not fixed yet or am I missing something?

G Jonsson, Sweden

@7onsson: Sorry for the delay for the answer: First you have to install the multiuser license on a single computer on the regular way via the build-in license manager. Once the application is registered, you can spot the license file in the application container ~/Library/Containers/Data/com.boinx.iStopMotion/Data/Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses. Copy this multiuser license file to /Library/Application Support/Boinx/Licenses/ on any of your 25 computers.

I tried this for iStopMotion v 3.6 on a MacBook Pro running 10.9.5, but could not locate some of these directory. Is there more current instructions for this? The comments here from from December of 2012.

In case you found this page using google like I did, the most current information (as of Jan. 2015) can be found here:

This is still not working. We’re currently stuck with over 100 licenses with no means to deploy them.

I have the same issue, the iSM support team just go round in circles with no suitable resolution.

It’s due to Apple Sanboxing…
I’ve gotten round this by capturing in Composer (Assuming you’re using Casper Suite)
Save as ‘dmg’ and select “FUT” and “FEU” as required…
Just works…