Need to loop part of title-slide

Similar to an old posting from April 2012 I need to loop part of a slide. I tried the workaround with FotoMagico 4.6.6 and QuickTime Player 7.6.6 but FM doesn’t loop the video.

I have 5 levels in this first slide. 4 are “titles” and are faded in one after the other. The 5th section includes also text and is scrolling after fade in. This section respectively level has to loop until the audience has sat down and a mouse click leads to the next slide which is the beginning of the slideshow.

Is there a possibility to accomplish this?

I’ve created a number of slideshows in FM over the years, and what you’re asking for is something I have had trouble with as well. There is NO way that I know of to “loop” a slide. You can loop audio, but not an image. Nor can you loop an animated title.

I’m going to throw this into the “Feature Requests” forum and see if any Boinx guys respond :slight_smile:

One of shows has an audio track that lasts about 4 minutes. I created a single slide with some sliding text (it appears to slide in on the right and scroll to the left, then disappear). I set the timing so that the text is readable at a comfortable scrolling speed. I then duplicated that slide for the number of times that needed to match the audio track (i.e., each slide has the scroll feature which lasts about 15 seconds, then the next slide, etc. – to fill the 4 minutes) with “continue after duration” enabled. For the LAST slide in the series (about 12 of them) I slid the text in and stopped it BEFORE the audio ended. And I enabled “click to continue” – so now the music is still playing, but the text has stopped. My wife was narrating during those 4 minutes and tried to fill that time (hopefully within that LAST slide!!). If she happened to finish early, I would click the mouse and we were running. If she finished late, the music stopped, but the image remained. Again, click the mouse and off we go.

It’s not exactly how I wanted it – but it worked. Having the ability to loop an animation (be it text or otherwise) would solve that.

Thank you very much, stantastik, for the detailed answer! I will adapt your workaround to my needs.

Another “solution” I thought of, is to use two different slideshows. The first one is the title slide and this slideshow is looping infinitely. The second one is the real slideshow which I have to start when everyone has her seat and the show begins. I don’t know, if the beamer will remain black between the two slideshows. This is crucial.

What do you mean by “beamer”? A projector?

Yes. It’s called “beamer” here.

Hi, Subhash –

Well, I tried creating TWO simple shows, but there’s no way to get from one show to the other without first displaying the FM working area window. Once the first show has ended, FM defaults back to it’s main window. I had the other show open in FM at the same time, but there’s no way to get it started without first exiting out of the first show. Adding short a short blank slide at the end of the first show and at the beginning of the second show doesn’t do any good, since getting from one show to the other requires passing through FM, thus keeping the screen “black” as you try to transition. Of course, you could have TWO COMPUTERS and TWO “beamers” running at the same time – but that’s NOT a cost efficient way of solving the problem :frowning:

Then only duplication will work for now. Thanks for your help!

The simple fact is that the guys at Boinx can’t really come up with ALL the different things us users want to do with the program. I’ve had to do a few kludgy workarounds to “try” to make it do what I want it to. It’s kinda fun and challenging at times – but then again, it would be nice of those features were implemented. I will say that I’ve been using this app for a number of years and it’s been pretty good at creating slide shows – and the Boinx crew do try to listen to us…