Need more control over a template's operation

I have bought PhotoPresenter, but I may have been a bit rash. I should have spent more time with the demo version, because I am disappointed with the lack of control over the Floating template. For example, I really like the Floating template, but I do not like the entire screen spinning every 8 seconds. I am told there is no way to control that … but there should be. There must be a time parameter somewhere in the code that could be controlled. I have asked the Support Team what the “spin control” is suppose to do (I see no difference moving from “often” to “seldom” on the spinning of the individual images or the spinning of the entire screen) but I have not received an answer.

You are right, the “Spin” value in the “Floating” theme soesn’t seem to work. Sorry about this! We will fix it in the next update. Unfortunately I can’t promise when this will come out.

What is it suppose to do?

(Sorry for my late responds, somehow I missed you comment) The Spin value should do exactly what you are looking for: Set up how often the spinning of the camera in 3D space occurs.