Need Help with StandAlone Player

After completing my slideshow, I exported it to StandAlone Player. When I press the spacebar, the video pauses but the audio track continues to play. How can I get the audio track to pause as well? Thank you.

Currently there is now way to stop the audio playback. FotoMagico was originally designed to be a live presentation tool and therefore it can do thinks like: “waiting until mouse click”, “go back or forth one slide” or “pause the slideshow” while still playing the audio uninterrupted.


That is a bit of a disappointment to hear. Stopping the audio track would be a very useful feature during a presentation. Is this something that might be considered in an update? Also, could you explain why both the video & the audio tracks will pause when the spacebar is pressed while the first audio track is playing?

You mentioned two features that I was unaware of: “waiting until mouse click” & “go back or forth one slide”. Could you please explain these?

Thank you kindly.

When you do live presentations you probably want to talk to your slides. How long you are talking to a slide may be not defined when authoring the slideshow. Thats why there are several ways and options to create the best experience for your audience:

  • You can add a single sound track to multiple slide and uncheck the “Locked Timing” option in the “Options > Audio” panel for this sound track. This will release the audio from the timing of the slides and just play this audio along while you are showing one slide after the other. When you decide to jump back one slide to show it again the audio keeps playing without interruption. (With “Locked Timing” turned on the audio will jump back too!)

  • If you already know that your are going to talk to a certain slide in the live presentation but you don’t know how long your talk will take, you can set the “Continue At Mouse Click” option in the “Option > Slide” panel for this slide slot. This will pause the slideshow until you click the mouse button. Again, the audio will play continuously until you advance to the next slide.

  • At any time in your slideshow you can use the scroll wheel of the mouse (two fingers on the Mighty Mouse) to control the master volume of the show. This feature enables you to lower the volume of the audio in order to speak to your slides. Once you are done talking just turn up the volume again with the scroll wheel.

  • If the audience is shouting out to see a slide again, no problem! Just walk through your presentation with the left and right cursor keys. The transitions will run smoothly back and forwards, the audio will play continuously (if Timing is unlocked) and the audience will be thrilled by the jaw dropping performance you gave to them!


Thank you for the explanation. It was very helpful.

However, I discovered something that appears to be contrary to your previous comment that " currently there is no way to stop the audio playback". In the Options>Audio panel, if I check the box “Locked Timing” on each audio track, the audio track will stop whenever I pause the slideshow during playback &, thus, remain in sync. This seems to work when running the slideshow either from FotoMagico directly or from StandAlone Player.

The reason that this is important to me is that, if I give someone my slideshow on StandAlone Player, they can pauses both the slides & the audio if necessary.

I agree – there should be a way to stop both the visuals AND the audio at the same time during a StandAlone slideshow playback. And then continue where you left off.

It sounds like kitjv may have found the solution :slight_smile:

My wife and I create slideshows of our trips and add a soundtrack consisting of numerous songs/music that are synched “thematically” with the photos. In cases like these, we are NOT talking during the presentation – the slideshow itself IS the presentation. If played back in StandAlone mode and someone yells out a question about a slide (or previous slide) and we want to stop playback, it’s obvious we’d like the music to stop, too – and pick up where it left off when the show is restarted.

Stantastic: That is exactly my situation. I hope that I stumbled on the solution. My fingers are crossed.

@kitjv: Yes, you are right. “Locked Timing” indeed also pauses the audio.