need help - Problems with live-preview

I’m trying to use a Canon Powershot G10 which is on your list of approved cameras.
i use Mac OS X, version 10.7.5 and the istopmotion version 2.0.8.

when i connect the cam an open istopmotion, the program “told” me that there is no support for this cam. and it says that i have to use the “preview-button” by hand.

iam confused and have no idea what i should do, but for my films i really need these livepreview-option.


I am sorry! Currently iStopMotion 3.1 (and all earlier versions of cause) don’t support live view for still cameras. If you need the live view you have to either use a video camera that provides a live feed via a fire wire connection (hard to find) or get a 3rd party hardware to grab the video output of your camera (poor quality). I am sorry, but at this point there seems to be no good alternative.