need help please

i’m trying Boinxtv at the moment, i have a blackmagic design intensity thunderbolt and i want to use a camera via HDMI but boinxtv can’t seem to pick up my camera. It can pick up the audio but i only get a black screen. It doesn’t work in Quicktime either. I’ve looked at the boinxtv preferences and it says it is connected but in use by another application, which it’s not. Just wondering if i’m doing something wrong or if its something to do with the camera as it’s just a cheap samsung one.
What else can i try?


You need to set up the Thunderbolt device correctly in system preferences after installing the drivers. Then select the input that matches the input of your camera.

thanks. It is now saying it is connected and available but i still have a black screen. Quicktime still won’t pick it up either?

i’ve just realised my mistake, my camera is flash based, feel kinda silly now! but before finding another camera will something like this (Canon Legria HF-R26 Full HD Camcorder) with a built in memory work?

As long as it delivers live HDMI every camera should be fine.

Have new camera now and its working!