Need help on equipment for my set up!


I work for a drama group and we regularly perform in our local town hall. I’m in charge of recording the show. Up until our previous one we just used a camera and I filmed it then imported it and edited. On our last show I used a 5m FireWire cable and imported it straight into boinxtv and added titles etc then with it recording its output.

I’m now looking to add two more cameras to have 3 cameras and switch between each on whilst editing it live. I use a MacBook Pro so firstly is this possible? Secondly I use my thunderbolt port for output to an external monitor to see the output on a bigger screen so I can not go using my thunderbolt port for input unless its possible to buy a thunderbolt hub.

Thirdly is it possible to buy a FireWire hub to input two more cameras? Also I’m looking to get two of the cameras 18 metres away so is it possible to get FireWire cables long enough?

Would you be able to help in anyway and also to guiding me necessary equipment. Working on a budget of 50-100 pound.

One last question is there any heap device for capturing AV input (red white and yellow) into boinx TV?


  1. Is it possible to record 3 cameras with BoinxTV on a MacBook Pro? This is possible, however it is depending on the video source resolution (you should go with SD or 720p 25 fps). Video is very data intensive and costs a lot of CPU and GPU performance!

2+3) If you are able to use Firewire you have to keep in mind, that only one video camera can be connected to one firewire BUS at a time because the video signals will interfere with each other (two firewire ports may be connected to the same bus!). Depending on your configuration of your MBP you have to find a combination that give you the opportunity to feed in the video signals on different FireWire busses. Multiple FireWire-to-Thunderbolt adapter should work.

  1. long firewire cables? We are using FireNext firewire extenders. FireWire is only specified for about 5 meters (8 meters may work) and so those extenders are using ethernet cables for transmission with a much longer range.

  2. I am not sure what you mean by “heap device”, but maybe the answer is on our equipment page in the “Video Sources” section: