NDI support

Hi, does Mimolive support NDI protocol?

@CHBRA Do you want NDI input or NDI playout?

I need 4K resolution on Input and Playout . is it possible? thanks

@CHBRA Not sure how well NDI works with 4K, but we will use the NewTek libraries, so whatever they can deliver, we will be able to do.

Hi . @“Oliver (Boinx)” , any news about the NDI? Don’t need to be 4K now. 1080 will work as a test!

Would be nice using it :slight_smile:


Thank you very much

Definitely anticipating NDI!

Ditto on the NDI support. I can’t wait to see this integrated!

@oliver Diddo my support for NDI.



Any update on this ? Looking forward to it.

@“Virgar Poulsen” Expect a beta soon. Thanks for your patience!

Very excited about this!

For Mac users, you probably want to have a look at these tools from Sienna:


Good news everyone!

The latest beta version introduces NDI support in mimoLive. Download it now from Boinx Connect.

NDI source and NDI output configuration in mimoLive should be straightforward. In case you need it, documentation can be found here for the input side and here for the output side.

For testing purposes please resort to the NDI tools available from NewTek. Note that you need a Commercial or Broadcasting license for mimoLive to make use of NDI. You may also test NDI in the demo version of mimoLive.

Let us know how it works for you and also if you’re missing something.

Great News !! How can I upgrade my license?

@CHBRA Please contact sales@boinx.com

Thanks @“Oliver (Boinx)” ! One question, Does This NDI supports 4K streaming?

Just as an addendum to my earlier post, NDI Monitor and NDI Signal Generator can also be downloaded for free from the App Store.

@CHBRA The NDI encoding algorithm is resolution and frame-rate independent and supports 4K (and beyond).