NDI PTZ Controller - Newtek PTZ1

It was good to see the NDI PTZ control on this mornings live stream, Have you, or anybody else, had this working with the Newtek NDI-PTZ1 camera or only the PTZ optics camera.
I can see my Newtek PTZ camera in the multi viewer using NDI but no control options become available.
Any suggestions appreciated

Update - After cleaning the Mac of all components of both Newtek and Sienna NDI I requested and acquired a fresh download of NDI-HX from Newtek using my mimoLive sign in email address. I can now see the PTZ controls but they do not have any affect on the camera. 1 step closer but not there just yet.

Ha, sorted, must of been just the correct amount of re-starts. @“Oliver (Boinx)” is there any plan to develop a control layer like the PTZ optics control layer? I am very much appreciative of whats been provided but that PTZ optics layer is awesome.

@winnie Sorry for the issues. This is not how it’s supposed to be. Unfortunately, this problem seems to be in the NDI driver. We’re currently investigating.