NDI - How to do to work?

Its not clear to me. How does work NDI in mimolive? I’d like to capture a powerpoint presentation in PC notebook screen. What i have to do?

You need create a NDI feed from the notebook and after that add a NDI source on mimolive …
https://www.newtek.com/ndi/tools/ as you need here you find the ndi tools for the pc …

@fegrisi There are several “NDI Scan Converter” applications out there which capture the screen into an NDI® signal. However, I had very mixed results with them. So, I’ve reverted to using an HDMI to NDI grabber such as the Spark or the Birddog to capture the HDMI output that goes to the projector.

When you have the NDI Scan Converter or the NDI device up and running, you can add an “NDI Source” in mimoLive and use the video just like you can with any other video source. It is important that the NDI® source is active for mimoLive to be able to detect it on your network.

Does that help?