Narration and music tracks to run simultaneously

I want to add an audio/narration track on top of a music track so you can faintly hear the music underneath the audio/narration. I have it laid out in the timeline, and I have lowered the volume of the music, raised the volume of the narration but the narration volume still gets lost. Narration is too faint. Is there a way to fix this? When the narration ends, want to raise the music up, and when it begins, lower the music volume. Can’t find a user manual online (link is broken).

Hello Emily!
You can boost the volume by manually typing in a percentage over 100% in the volume settings of your audio file. Alternatively you could use an external audio editor (i.e. audacity) to normalize or compress your narration.
For fading in/out of the music you can use the ducking feature on the narration track or you could use the volume envelope feature on the music track.

Try this link to the audio chapter of the online manual:

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I also want to add a narration track with volume to be above the music level. However, I cannot figure out how to add the narration track. In Slideshow-Insert, audio is grayed out.

How is this done?