My T5i Doesn't show up in source since i updated to Mac OS Sierra

Hey everyone, so last night my mac updated to MAC OS Sierra and all the usual app updates happened. I went into istopmotion to animate with my Canon T5i, when i saw that it wasn’t showing up in the source area.

At first i thought i had broken the camera but then i saw that the camera was recognized everywhere except IstopMotion. This is extremely frustrating because im working on a film for a contest and my camera won’t even show up in sources. Does anyone know why that is? Or any way around it.


I am having the same problem on Sierra. Have you had any luck?

I’ve been talking with the support team via email for over a week now. And still no fix.

Got a email from support a few days ago and they released a update that fixed the issue for me.

My T5i is still not working. How should I proceed?

are you running 3.8.2?