My setup! 2 mimoLive + NDI + mimoCall + everything

We are using mimoLive in two computers. One of them control the VT and the images on the horizontal tv screen. From there, we play the videos and receive the images and sound on the other computer via NDI.

We made the delay adjustments, but over the net everything is running amazing.

The master control is the second computer with mimoLive. We play the breaks, run the lower thirds, the musics. We receive here the guest via mimocall and we use a PTZ Optics cam through HDMI. We didn’t pay the license for the NDI.

To control everything we are using two tablets.

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Hi Paulo_Sergio,
Your setup looks really nice. Thanks for sharing. It’s always great to see how other people are working with these tools.

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Hi Paulo. This is amazing!

Can we do a customer story about your setup for our website? What’s the URL where we can watch the videos you make?

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Hey, yes… of course. We are thinking about using the Foto Magico, but we still need to learn more about it.

The news show is on air at 8:30pm (ET), live. You can see it in almost all platforms:

The show is in Portuguese. But we can record something in English showing how things works here in our station.

We are hiring another person to take care of the messages from YouTube/Facebook. This is the only thing that we are not using. The lower thirds we use some alpha videos, we export one by one.

We can prepare something special for you Oliver, if you want to. Its gonna be a pleasure.