mx02 hdmi feed messed up

Hi there,

This would be easier if I was able to post screenshots … I’ll try to describe what I’m seeing.

Our setup is camera to MX02 via HDMI on a Macbook Pro with OSX 10.6.7, BoinxTV 1.8.1. Everything has been working fine for several weeks, until today. Now Boinx displays a picture which has each alternate line split. The first line occupies the left hand half of the video image, the next line the right hand half and so on.

I thought it might be hardware, but the Matrox capture programme displays the image correctly.

Up until now, Boinx has been working extremely well for us, both for live presentations and green screen “studio” work. Need to get this fixed asap; any suggestions much appreciated.



check the input settings in the System Preferences > Matrox & in BoinxTV itself. Select the camera source using the Matrox & see which mode it’s on in the dropdown to the right. it just may be set to the wrong one. I run into this nearly every time I hook up my box or switch template files.

I guess you are inputting interlaced video. Using the normal routines, the video from e.g. an MXO cant be deinterlaced, that is probably causing this. Do you need to chroma key the source? If not I could give you an experimental fix.

Thanks for bringing up the missing file upload. I forgot to give “normal” forum users the right permission. Now you should be able to upload screenshots.

Interlaced video: yes, that’s what I thought too, except that up until yesterday it was working, and working well. And as I say, the Matrox capture application displays the source as it should be.

I do need to use chroma key, unfortunately.

I’m going to do as kmac suggests and check my settings again, in case I’ve done something stupid, but I’m fairly certain nothing has changed there.

Thanks for the replies.