Musical audio soundtrack scrambles between song transitions

Hello everyone…I never had this kind of problem before and I apologize if it’s been brought up before as I looked for a similar solution but I thought I would ask. When I make a photo slideshow in FotoMagico, dropping in some video clips here and there, I add in an .MP3 soundtrack with songs I’ve taken from iTunes. The songs are in .MP3 format and I’ve never had this problem before where the soundtrack distorts and garbles before starting the next song. Like I said, it’s never happened before now. I’m using version 3.8.1 and I would be more than happy to answer any other question about this if you need more info to troubleshoot this really frustrating situation. Thanks…

Does this happen only in playback, inside FotoMagico or also in exports? If so, can you please export a short sample clip so we can hear what’s happening?

This has also just started happening to me too. I’m running 3.8.5. I recently upgraded to Lion and wonder if this could be the reason? The distortion for me only happens once the project has been exported to DVD. It doesn’t happen with every audio clip within a project, generally just one, but it’s always at the transition between tracks or beginning track for me. I have no video clips either, always just photos.

I’ve tried to replicate it for you in a sample file. My sample file (only a few seconds long) once exported to DVD format (.mov) also had the problem, however if I convert to mp4, the problem isn’t there. As I always use DVD format, it’s a real issue for me that I can’t get around as the mp4 format is not high quality enough for DVD. My sample file - although small in actual size, is 117MB zipped so im not sure how to upload it for you.

I have the same problem. Export to DVD looks great, sounds great, but fade ins/outs of the audio sounds…muffled?..I guess. Makes the whole 20Gb export useless. The problem does not happen inside Fotomagico (i.e., when previewing) and does not happen with quicktime export…has only happened with DVD export. Audio export is set to 44100. Original format of the music is .wav, .mp3, and .m4a (apple lossless) - all are affected.

And this is a new thing too - it’s never happened before for me so I’m suspecting it’s something to do with Lion?

Any chance of a response to this problem?

Earth to Bastian?

Same thing here! This is the 2nd video it has happened on and no response about what to do about it. I won’t be happy about finding a new program but this is kind of big deal.

Does anybody in fotoMagico ever answer to this, is there any support available ?, I only read the complaints but not an answer ?