Music File Killing The Program

So, I have a weird issue. I have a show I do each week, and we have a theme song. The song is an mp3, and for some reason, when I go to play that song, the computer ‘hangs’ for a few seconds. We see the beachball and everything is frozen. This will often cut us off of Facebook Live.

I have tried moving the song to. a different drive, but it still keeps happening about 50% of the time. This has been happening for a long time, and on many of the different versions of Mimo.

Anyone have any ideas?

Notes: iMac Pro, 3.2 Inel Xeon W, 32GB Mem

@“Ray Lane” I’m sorry to hear that mimoLive is giving you grief.

Can you please send us a Process Sample of when mimoLive is hanging? Instructions:

You can also look in the Console log to see if there are any messages about what could be wrong. Finally, it could be an issue with copyright, maybe Facebook is detecting the sound file as copyrighted material and is cutting off the stream?

I will do that. Definitely not a copyright issue, as it is happening on recordings as well. That, and it’s an original song.

@“Ray Lane” Thanks for your patience. Please send the process sample at your convenience.