Multiple Tracks

OK guys and Gals, I am a newbie to this so please be gentle :). I have a slideshow that has approx 200 images, I have 2 - 3 different tracks, is there any way that when I drag these tracks to the music menu bar is there a Fade in Fade out when the tracks change over, I have been trying to work it out for the life of me but can not, I am use to using ProShow (PC) which has this feature. Anyway assistance would be great and are there any Support VIDEOS for this product ?

Fading audio is directly linked to image fading. So if you’d like to fade out the audio, just fade the last image over the audio track. This will also fade audio and the duration can be set with the images fading duration. The same applies to fading in.
The upcoming FotoMagico version will support fine controlled fading.

Other than the getting started movie, there are no videos.

Thanks Bastian -Silly question how does one fade the last image prior to a track and then when a new track commences ? Can it be faded over a longer slide duration if you want a longer fade transition ? When is the next FotoMagico version being released this is something I really see needed when doing Long slideshows over multiple tracks a really good fade transition is so important :slight_smile: Thank you

It really seems you are looking for more control than FotoMagico 3 can give you at the moment. Getting that amount of fine control will come in FotoMagico 4