Multiple streams

I need to stream an event to YouTube and also a second stream to a different host for customers in China. I presume that two simultaneous streams from mimoLive are not possible - so what equipment workflow would achieve this? I’m expecting that it might involve a main mimoLive computer for mixing the original video and streaming to YouTube, then to take a feed out via Thunderbolt as input into a second mimoLive computer for a second stream. Any comments and ideas?

@craiglau, I would recommend setting up an nginx server with the rtmp module on a separate computer running Linux. (I set mine up on Ubuntu Linux) Stream from mimoLive directly to nginx, and then use your nginx config to send your stream to multiple destinations. So, nginx would ingest the mimoLive stream and would actually be streaming the video to YouTube and your Chinese host. In this scenario mimoLive has the same workload it’s always had, and should continue to work great. The nginx server doesn’t have to be terribly powerful either since it’s just taking packets in, and sending them back out.

Take a look at this recent forum posting for some discussion from myself and others about this:

Also, take a look at this link which gives you step-by-step on how to setup the nginx server, as well as some walkthrough on the basic settings you’d have to put into the config. It’s written for OBS users, but myself and others have been able to easily adapt it to work with mimoLive:

Take a look at these. I think they’ll provide the answer you’re looking for as long as you have enough upload bandwidth to send out multiple streams to multiple ingest servers. It took me about 2-3 hours over the span of 2 days to build it, test it, and have a solid workflow.

Another alternative is using Joicaster

I’ve tried joicaster and I wasn’t happy with the quality, perhaps it was my settings? The other option is which I discovered this week but haven’t yet tested.