Multiple Cameras Crash mimoLive

Good day all!

I was streaming our high school volleyball matches last night using mimoLive 4.2.1 and two cameras (one for the court and one for the scoreboard). While streaming to YouTube, mimoLive would crash at seemingly random times, but usually about 15-20 minutes in. When I’d restart the application, the video would load, then freeze, the audio would continue to work. I clicked on a layer to try to ‘unfreeze’ the video and the app would completely lock and become totally unresponsive, requiring a Force-Quit. Restarting the app had the same result, but I was able to get around this behavior by unplugging the video sources, starting the app, then plugging the cameras back in.

I used a BlackMagic Thunderbolt UltraStudio mini recorder over HDMI for the floor court, then used a Thunderbolt to firewire adapter for a DV link to an older camcorder for the second camera. I tried a second camcorder with another crash, then I used a second BMD US mini recorder with a third camera. All crashed during the stream. When I completely removed the second camera from the system, everything worked fine.

I used the same rig for football two weeks ago, but on a previous version (4.2 I think) and everything ran fine (except for the audio; that’s why I upgraded), so I believe the issue is with the 4.2.1 version of mimoLive. I’m going to try to reproduce the issue today because I need this working for tomorrow’s volleyball matches, then football on Friday. I’m not sure what to troubleshoot after recreating the issue. Is there any data I can collect for Boinx support?

Thanks for any insight provided!

I was wrong about the version… I was running 4.4. I see that 4.4.1 was just released. I’ll try it and respond back.


It’s still crashing, but I think it’s related to the document because mimoLive runs solid under a new document. Is there anyway to troubleshoot a corrupt document?

@mijealab Thank you for using mimoLive and for reaching out with this problem. I’m sorry that you experience issues with your document. We’ll be happy to take a look if you can make it available to us. It’s best to compress it and send it to us via a file sending service such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. You can send me the download URL via private message or to

I am having a freezing issue after installing the updated software. I have a multiple camera setup. I saved the file and tried to reopen it after restarting the MAC and app. Now I see the layers but the colored ball spins and will not allow me to do anything. Have a live stream first thing in the morning. Need some help!

@“Vincent Edward Clark” I’m sorry to hear about the issues. Please make sure you have mimoLive 4.4.1 installed as it should address this issue. If it doesn’t, do you remember the last version that worked for you? You can always downgrade to that version by downloading it from

If the problem persists in 4.4.1 can you please send us a process sample. You can create this by launching “Activity Monitor”. When mimoLive hangs, you can select the app in Activity Monitor and select “Sample process” from the wheel menu:

Save it and please send the file to

I did the upgrade and have been able to open my files. Now, I am having issues with MimoCall. I have posted related to that issue. I have the MAC the guest was using remotely and have it here with me on the same LAN as all my other equipment. The longest I’m staying connected to MimoCall is 5 min.

@mijealab @“Vincent Edward Clark” We released a new beta version 4.5b2 yesterday which should fix the problem of hanging mimoLive with macOS 10.14 Mojave. Please can you download the beta and test your document with it? Feedback is appreciated! Thanks in advanced!