Multi View NDI output feature request

Hello everyone,
I’d like to ask the development team if it would be an option to add an NDI output for the multi view.
In this time of virtual events we are increasing with remote managed events and it would be great to have a native NDI output of the multi view to stream (instead of grabbing it manually with the NewTek utilities, like I’m doing right now).

Thanks for the support

Stay safe and bye bye

Thanks for using mimoLive and posting the feature request! We’re always excited to hear how people are using mimoLive and what they’re missing.

How do you send the NDI output from your remote managed event to you?

Hi Oliver,
thanks in advance for your precious support.
I’m getting an NDI output of the multi view capturing it with the NewTek NDI Scan Converter (with no audio).

Unfortunately I need to embed some multi-source audio passing through OBS, so I acquire:

  • My voice as a moderator
  • A talkback return coming from a zoom session (we use it as a talkback, for director ecc…, I’m using Loopback software to manage IO routing)
  • A small volume reference coming from PGM audio

This goes directly to a WebRTC streaming with OBS, so I get a sub-second latency.

This gives me the opportunity to have a clear vision of the show (with PGM, preview and all the live thumbnails I need) and allows to work remotely with my colleagues.

I’d like to bypass OBS and embed the audio directly from Mimo Live (so at least I will be using OBS just for a basic AV encoding)

Congrats for your product, hope to hear this NDI managing could be possibile.

Bye bye