Multi person name key.

Hmm. I want to purchase but I need the ability to create 2,3 and 4 person name keys. Not just single person keys. Is this something that can be added?

John; you can certainly bring in your own graphic created in Photoshop, but it would be nice to have a multi-name lower third template.

Jason, John, can you post a sample screenshot?

2 up Key

3 up key

@“John Mortensen” Thanks for posting the examples. This is very helpful to understand your requirements. We’ll look into providing such a lower third soon.

As a workaround, this is how I would achieve the above:

Image 1 (2 names)

  • define 2 lower thirds
  • left-most lower third includes logo, name, background
  • right-most lower third includes name, background
  • position each lower third to align against each other, so that when both are activated, they’d appear seamlessly joined
  • bind both lower thirds to the same key to activate OR create a control surface button that activates both lower thirds

Same principle applies to the 3-name lower third, just that you’d define 2 of them with just name and BG.

You’d be able to create a single background image and then slice it up to fit the dimensions of each lower third, and create the illusion that it’s actually a single image.