Moving layers between shows

Is there a way to take a layer thats been set up on to machine to another. Id like to work on building and customising layers at home and them bring them in to already existing shows at work?

Unfortunately copy/past or export/import of certain layers isn’t supported in BoinxTV 1.9. Sorry about that! It is on our features wish list! Here is what I do in such situations: I open both documents at the same time, select the layer I want to copy in one document and add the same type of layer to the second document. I move the document windows side by side so I can copy all my settings from one document to the other easily. You have to carry used images separately since they can’t be extracted from BoinxTV.

This has to be one of my main “uncomplicated” feature requests. I have a few complicated ones too for patching video around BTV without relying on ‘Layers Beneath’ which doesn’t go far enough for my needs sometimes.

Thanks for the response, manually duplicating is how Ive been doing it up to now. I am going to use “cloud” technology to keep a copy online , as long as I remember to update it before I leave either home / site this will work well.